self-care, self-development and
relationships support through spontaneous play

what we offer

healing game

* individual sessions for kids from 3y *

supporting emotional health through spontaneous play that builds psychic resilience, supports integration of traumatic experiences and dealing with difficult behavior

original play

* program for children`s groups *

playing together that develops sense of belonging and safety and empowers kids to express their authenticity within the group of peers in schools, kindergartens and other institutions

playful parents

* education for parents *

workshops, webinars and individual consultations for parents wishing to support relationship with their kids; suitable also for foster parents and therapeutic parenting

original playground

* self-experience events for adults *

workshops for those looking for their natural playfulness and sources of their deep motivations and unconscious reactions (work with our inner chid)

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Mgr. Martin Ledvinka

I facilitate play for children for whom play is not easy and obvious, I offer parents support in playing with their kids and I organize playrooms for children and also for adults who want to discover the freedom to play… When working with people with mental disabilities and psychical illness and with children from socially vulnerable communities, I discovered the importance of closeness, kindness and a sense of security, which are the foundation of each person’s self-esteem. For me it is in play that we are in touch with feeling of safety and belonging. I work with theoretical concept of developmental psychology of Gordon Neufeld and neuroscience applied in play by Lisa Dion. However, the profound meaning of play I experience in the intuitive children`s play and its deep wisdom.

more about Martin`s play

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Martin Ledvinka

T 724 817 189


FB  @healinggame